Khadijah Designs

Book Cover Design

The Long Way Back by Fouad Al-Takarli is a modern Iraqi Novel that I read in my Culture and Power in Iraqi Literature class at Columbia University in 2008. It was a book that introduced me to a whole dimension of Iraqi Literature that would forever change who I was. For project Handmade, I naturally chose to redesign this book cover into my own interpretation and expression. 

Interpretation: I chose to highlight the main themes of disillusionment, vulnerability and self enlightenment through delicate sheets of transparent paper and writing the powerful conversations of the female characters in the book by hand. By tearing them up and layering them back together, it creates  a sense confusion and further articulates the skillful layering of stories, generations and plots that occur in this powerful novel.

* This was a student project *

Hardcover Book MockUp 2.jpg